We craft visually captivating and user-friendly websites that look great and drive results. From sleek and minimalistic to bold and complex, we have the creativity and technical expertise to bring your vision to life.

results focussed

We incorporate the needs of your visitor right from the scoping and prototyping of your website to maximise conversions and returns on your digital investment

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A streamlined approach to mobile and multi device interface design that matches the demands of your customers, whenever the need you

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A proven best practice approach to design, layout, accessibility and user journeys for superior user experiences that outrank your competition in search engines

Why should I choose Wedigital to create my new website?

With 8 years of experience building bespoke crafted user focussed websites and web apps, we pride ourselves on the results we achieve for our clients.

We’ve built lynchpin websites that have helped fledgling startups take flight, local businesses branch out overseas, and organisations with global reach to better serve their customers.

With our breath of experience working with brands across leisure, finance, logistics and tech industries, when you work with us, we’ll hit the ground running to build the perfect website for your business, whatever your needs.

As a full service agency, we’re also well equipped to help your business grow. Many clients who come to us also take advantage of our branding, design and marketing services to better address the needs of their customers and grow their businesses.

Whatever your size, we approach every assignment for our clients in the same way - becoming a trusted and reliable technical and marketing partner, there for advice, ideas and support at every step.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website depends predominantly on two factors - its scope and the level of custom design that is needed. A simple single page brochure style website that showcases your business and its services typically costs £2,000. A multi-page site with pages for about, services and contact costs between £3,000 and £4,000.

Additional custom design and advanced user experience enhancements might add £2,000 to £3,000 to the cost.

For more complex sites that require additional features such as ecommerce or membership functionality, external API integrations to incorporate into a bespoke operational workflow, or to integrate with external CRM platforms can typically cost anywhere from £10,000 to £50,000, and are dependant on project specifications.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll provide a bespoke project costing that suits your own specific circumstances.

Why should I invest in a website?

An intelligently designed new or revamped website can be transformative for your business, for a number of reasons.

By helping you to rank higher in search engines, it can grow your audience reach. It can better address your audience needs whenever and wherever they need it, by offering a high quality visit experience across devices - increasing your conversions.

It can also help you to bolster customer retention and loyalty, boosting attitudes to your brand and ensuring your visitors always come back for more.

The benefit of a new website can also be more broadly felt, right across your marketing channels.

A new website can help these other touch points to perform better, improving their ability to nurture audiences and encourage conversions. With a carefully crafted website experience that resonates with your audience, your visitors from social media platforms like Facebook and digital advertising channels such as Google Ads will convert better, enhancing your digital investment returns across the board.

Why is it important to have good web hosting?

Solid, reliable and secure web hosting is the bedrock of an effective website. It plays a critical role in ensuring a website visit is smooth and fast, one of the most important elements you need to get right in order to deliver an optimal user experience for your visitors.

There are two main options available to you when hosting your website: shared, or dedicated (sometImes called ‘cloud’) hosting. With the former, you share space and resources on the website provider’s server with other websites also on the same plan. With the latter, your server space and resources are ‘dedicated’, or reserved just for your own requirements.

If you’ve come across low priced hosting options, it’s highly likely to be a shared plan. While the benefits of this are lower costs, shared hosting is never a sensible option for serious business critical digital infrastructure. It will almost certainly result in higher costs from lost potential sales and negative impacts than any cost saving benefits achieved.

Instead, businesses should always go with a hosting solution that is reliable no matter how many visitors you have, with minimal loading times and regular security updates.

We offer just that: fast, secure and fully scalable cloud based web hosting for every site we build, with near 100% uptime guaranteed. Prices for our premium web hosting start at £300/year.

Why is website user experience important?

Due to the prominence of modern technologies such as smart devices, search engines and social media platforms, competition for eyeballs - from your competition and others - has never been more intense. Attention spans are short as alternative choices and innumerable distractions wrestle for a user’s time. Unless your brand is able to make an instantaneous positive connection with your visitor when they visit your website, it won’t take much for them to go elsewhere.

Given this, user experience is of critical importance to the success (or otherwise) of your website. While this includes a large number of factors, some of the most crucial include fast website loading, a user interface appropriate for the device form factor (e.g. mobile), an uncluttered and easy to navigate design, and a visually pleasing aesthetic.

As you might expect, these key indicators of a good website experience are also the very same that Google prizes when formulating its search rankings. Simply put, a delightful user experience will also earn you a ranking boost, so it’s a true ‘win-win’ for your business.

We consider every element of the user experience from concept to creation, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the optimal interface and intuitive design that delights your visitor with every click and tap.


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