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secure your web presence with fast & reliable hosting

We employ super fast, scalable cloud server architecture to keep your website as fast as possible. All our websites include secure SSL and regular backups, ensuring you never lose out on your best opportunities to engage your customers.

Don’t let a slow website cost you customers and sales

Make a great impression with consistent website uptime

Get a scalable website that grows with your business

Mitigate risk - never let a technical hiccup bring down your site

If you have a website, you also need a server to host it on. The choice you make here can be one of the most critical decisions you take with your website.

In 2023, a slow responding website will cause your visitors simply to leave. In fact, over 50% of visitors leave mobile sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. It can also cause Google to penalise your ranking in its search results - resulting in less visitors to your site. Likewise, the latter can happen for insecure sites, so we ensure all our sites have SSL certificates installed as standard.

Of course, you’re free to host your Wedigital built website on any server you like. But for best in class performance, our in-house, enterprise-level web hosting is the perfect way to show your website in the best possible light.


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